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Poster: MrMovie Date: Jun 22, 2005 12:34pm
Forum: prelinger Subject: All these TV Shows are PD - So Where Are They Hiding?

26 Men
Adventures of Champion
Adventures of Dr. Fu Manchu
Adventures of Jim Bowie -- 10 shows.
Adventures of Long John Silver -- 14 color episodes.
Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet -- over 60 half-hour shows.
Adventures of Red Ryder-- Pilot Show
Adventures of Robin Hood, with Richard Green -- 44 shows.
Adventures of Sherlock Holmes -- 39 half-hour b&w episodes.
Adventures of Sir Lancelot
Adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel -- 8 shows.
Alan Young Show
Andy Griffith Show -- 16 half-hour b&w episodes.
Annie Oakley, with Gail Davis -- 22 shows.
Armstrong Circle Theatre
Arthur Freed's Hollywood
Bat Masterson
Bell Telephone Hour
Ben Blue Show
Best of Broadway
Betty Hutton
Beulah Show-- 4 episodes
Beverly Hillbillies -- 32 half-hour shows
Bob Cummings Show
Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre
Bobby Darin Special with Bob Hope
Bogus Green
Bold Journey
Bonanza -- 31 hour color shows.
Brave Eagle
Brave Stallion
Brown Family, Man's Best Friend
Buffalo Bill Jr.
Bulldog Drummond
Burns and Allen
Buster Keaton
Captain Fathom
Captain Gallant
Captain Midnight
Cavalcade of Stars
Celanese Theatre
Checkmate -- 4 hour shows
Chicago 212
China Smith
City Detective
Comedy Commercials
Counter Spy
Court of Last Resort
Cowboy G-Men
Crime Crossroads
Daddy O
Date with the Angels, with Betty White -- 10 shows.
Dean Jones Show
Dear Phoebe
Death Valley Days
Dennis Day Show
Dick Tracy
Do You Trust Your Wife, with Johnny Carson.
Dr. Kate, Spitfire
Dragnet -- 20 half-hour b&w episodes.
Duffy's Tavern
Dusty's Trail
Ed Wynn Show
Ellery Queen
Errol Flynn Theater
Family Theatre
Fast Guns
Fat Man
Female of the Species
Files of Jeffrey Jones
Flash Gordon
7 episodes Flying Doctor
Ford Star Jubilee
Ford Theatre -- 11 hour anthology shows
Four Star Playhouse -- 24 half hour shows with various stars.
Four Star Revue
Francis Langford - Don Amcehe Show
Frank Sinatra Show -- 7 one-hour shows.
Fred Astaire's Premiere Theatre
From the Files of Jeffrey Jones
Front Row Center
Frontier Doctor
Gabby Hayes Show
Game Shows
General Electric Theatre
Going My Way
Goodyear TV Playhouse
Hank McCune
Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans
Heaven For Betsy
Here Comes Tobor
Here Comes the Stars
Hollywood Half Hour
Hollywood Off-Beat
Hudson's Bay, with Barry Nelson -- 20 episodes.
I'm the Law
I Married Joan, with Joan Davis & Jim Backus -- 24 shows.
Inside Danny Baker
Into the Night
It's a Great Life
Jack Benny Show
Jackson and Jill
Janet Dean, Registered Nurse
Jet Jackson
Jim Backus Show
Jimmy Durante
Jo Stafford Show
Joan of Arkansas
Joe E. Brown Show
Judge Roy Bean, with Edgar Buchanan -- 24 color episodes.
Junior Science
Kraft Television Theatre
Let's Join Joanie
Life With Luigi
Life with Elizabeth
Little Amy
Littlest Hobo
Lone Ranger -- 17 half-hour shows.
Lone Wolf
Lucy Show -- 30 half-hour color shows.
Lux Theatre
Make Room for Daddy
Man with a Camera
Martin Kane
Master Detectives
Master Ninja
Medic, with Richard Boone -- 24 episodes.
Meet Corliss Archer
Meet Millie
Meet the O'Briens
Michael Shayne
Mickey Rooney Show
Milton Berle
Mr. Peepers
My Friend Irma
My Hero
My Little Margie
My Sister Eileen
Mystery Theatre
O. K. Crackerby!
One Happy Family
One Step Beyond -- 50 half-hour shows.
Operation ESP
Orient Express
Original Amateur Hour
Our Miss Brooks
Pantomime Quiz
Passport to Danger
People's Choice
Person to Person
Pistols 'n' Petticoats -- 6 half hour b&w shows
Playhouse 90
Police Call
Police Station
Professional Father
Public Prosecutor
Racket Squad -- 14 shows.
Ramar of the Jungle
Rat Patrol -- 8 half hour b&w shows
Red Skelton
Richard Diamond
Rocky Jones -- 11 b&w shows, 75 min. each.
Rocky King
Rosemary Clooney
Roy Acuff's Open House
Roy Rogers Show -- 60 half-hour black and white episodes.
Schlitz Playhouse
Sea Divers
Secret File USA
Sergeant Preston of the Yukon
Sheriff of Cochise
Shotgun Slade, with Scott Brady.
Shower of Stars
Sky King
Stage Show
Star Performance
Star and the Story
Starr of the Yankees
Steve Allen Plymouth Show
Steve Canyon
Stories of the Century
Stork Club
Studio One
Stump the Stars
Sunday Mystery Hour
TV Reader's Digest
TV Series Pilots
Telephone Time
Terry and the Pirates
Texaco Star Theater - Milton Berle
Third Man
Time out for Ginger
8 episodes Treasury Men in Action
Trouble with Father, with Stu Ervin -- 16 episodes.
Victory at Sea
Wagon Train
White Avengers
You Bet Your Life
Your Hit Parade

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Poster: FP Date: Jun 23, 2005 1:37am
Forum: prelinger Subject: Re: All these TV Shows are PD - So Where Are They Hiding?

Many of these are available on $18 12-to-15-DVD compilations featuring 50-150 episodes each. You can find them in BIG LOTS, DOLLAR GENERAL, and similar stores in the US. The MPEG2 compression is high, to fit 3 or more hours on each DVD, but for the price it's not bad.

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Poster: ddlabs31 Date: Aug 14, 2012 11:20am
Forum: prelinger Subject: Re: All these TV Shows are PD - So Where Are They Hiding?

I have ordered in the ones for Medic but many episodes are missing. And the disks are of such poor quality that they are unuseable.

Save your money on the Volume 4 that is sold. It's crap. The only way I can show what's on there is to heavily edit it or put all 4 in the same viewer running concurrently.

I did check. All Medic for 2 seasons (that's all it lasted) is not on the copyright list. There are a whole lot more than I have on site and I would like to list them all.

While I think it is a waste of talent on Richard Boone, once inside the episode it's well done. I believe there are about 78 episodes. If anyone has the missing ones, could you please either upload them to here or point out to me where they can be gotten.


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Poster: Kevin VandeWettering Date: Jun 24, 2009 3:33pm
Forum: prelinger Subject: Re: All these TV Shows are PD - So Where Are They Hiding?

Sky King isn't public domain. I just looked up the renewal notices.;Search_Code=TALL&PID=cfg2MYeIN486uBBfphBNEPmUMyjq&SEQ=20090624183417&CNT=25&HIST=1

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Poster: Fireball Steve Zodiac Date: Jul 11, 2009 9:38pm
Forum: prelinger Subject: Re: All these TV Shows are PD - So Where Are They Hiding?

oh jeepers, that's a this means I should take these episodes off my site too...?
darn...I was getting + feedback from surfers who enjoyed them.

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Poster: akb Date: Jun 24, 2005 2:56am
Forum: prelinger Subject: Re: All these TV Shows are PD - So Where Are They Hiding?

Perhaps a cheaper way to get these on the Archive would be a Netflix account.

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Poster: MrMovie Date: Jun 26, 2005 1:13pm
Forum: prelinger Subject: Re: All these TV Shows are PD - So Where Are They Hiding?

Great Idea. When Are You Signing Up? lol